The acid test: does your diet pass?


We talk a lot about diet needs here on the AlkaVision blog. Today I thought we’d condense some information into a simple worksheet that you can do at home. Here’s a quick checklist to see if your diet passes the acid test. Instructions: Write the number of times you eat each of the foods below in a given week. Total up the numbers for each category, then compare the totals for ACIDIC foods versus ALKALINE foods. ACIDIC FOODS INVENTORY ____ Meats (Red Meat, Fish/Seafood, Pork, Chicken, Lamb, other meats) ____ Dairy products ____ Foods containing refined flours and sugars (white breads, cookies, etc.) ____ Canned foods ____ Acidic drinks: coffee, alcohol, sodas/pop ____ Peanuts ____ Processed oils…

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Is Your Diet Too Acidic?


Do you feel sluggish and bloated? Are you tired a lot? Do you lack energy? If so, it could be because your diet is too acidic. According to Dr Stephan Domenig, these are signs and symptoms experienced by people who eat diets that are too acidic. What you eat and how you eat can lead to too much acidity in your body. Here are a few questions to help you measure and correct the amount of acidity in your diet: Is your diet lacking in colorful vegetables? If so, it could be that your diet is too acidic, as colorful and nutrition packed vegetables like broccoli, beets, cucumber, and sweet potatoes are considered “alkaline forming” foods—that is,…

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What Is An Alkaline Diet?


Perhaps you’ve heard the term “alkaline diet” and have wondered what it is. Maybe you’ve even found some misinformation and need to be clear on what it isn’t. Here’s a quick guide: An alkaline diet is a diet high in fruits and vegetables. This includes leafy greens, citrus fruits, and more. An alkaline diet is a diet designed to lower acidity and promote alkalinity in the body. This doesn’t just mean avoiding acidic foods. Some foods that are considered acidic actually promote alkalinity once in the body. An alkaline diet is a good diet for weight loss. When people decrease the amount of meats they are eating, and increase their fruit and vegetable intake, an interesting side…

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How an Alkaline Diet Work?

Does the alkaline diet really work? In order to answer that question, first we need to ask ourselves this: 1. What exactly do we mean by “alkaline diet”? and… 2. How do we define or determine what it means for it to “work”? So let’s take those two things one at a time. First: The alkaline diet is a diet designed to “alkalize” the body. The goal of alkalizing is to promote the slightly alkaline state in which the body operates best. To reach this goal, the alkaline diet promotes eating larger amounts of fruits and vegetables, and fewer meats and certain other foods. Many alkaline “experts” recommend about 80% alkaline foods and 20% acidic foods. The…

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Balanced PH for the Body

Balanced PH for the Body Having the correct biochemical balance in the body is important for optimal health. The biochemical balance in the body depends in part on the pH of the body’s systems being at the right levels. For athletes such as runners, weight lifters, and others, having the right balance of nutrients in the body is essential. And the body will reach that point most efficiently when the pH level of the body is what it should be. If your pH is out of balance, your body will be too. For this reason, athletes and physically active people, as well as anyone else who wants to be healthy, should pay attention to their body’s pH…

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The Alkaline Lifestyle

The Alkaline Lifestyle The alkaline lifestyle, as some call it, has been adopted by thousands of people, including some famous and influential individuals. If you’ve heard of people “alkalizing” and focusing on “alkaline foods”, and you are wondering what all the fuss is about, I’ll try to explain it for you here. In short, alkalizing is about bringing the pH of your body into balance. It is about getting the pH of the body into a slightly alkaline state where the body functions best. As you probably know, a lot of foods can increase acid in the gut and other parts of the body. The alkaline lifestyle aims to remedy this by changing the way we eat…

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PH and Healing

PH and Healing Can a balanced pH help your body heal? Can excess acidity slow down or stop the healing process? The answer to both questions is “yes”. Having the right pH levels in your body is essential to your health. But why? Let’s talk about it… Consider for a moment a farmer who plants and grows crops of various kinds. Did you know that farmers pay attention to the pH levels of the soil in which their crops grow? They do this because if the soil pH is wrong, their crops won’t grow. In fact, an out-of-balance soil pH can result in the cessation of growth altogether—as in, if the pH isn’t right, then nothing can…

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Do Meat and Cheese Lead to Diabetes?

A recent study in France found that women who eat higher amounts meat, cheese, eggs, fish, bread, and soft drinks were at greater risk of getting type 2 diabetes. The part about soft drinks may sound obvious, but what about meat and cheese? Can meat and cheese really lead to diabetes? If so, what’s the connection? The connection, in short, is acid. Foods such as meat, fish, and other common “acidic offenders” produce acids when they are broken down by the body. This causes the body’s systems to be more acidic. Some researchers believe that this excess acidity can lead to all kinds of health problems—including (but not limited to) type 2 diabetes. While proponents of the…

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