Thank you Live Live Organic!

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This is a big shot out to a health food store in New York city who have been carrying our products for the last 7 years! Thank you very much John and Christopher at LiveLive and Organic! Dear AlkaVision blog readers if you are ever in NYC please stop by their store and visit their website, their own brand skin care line is amazing!

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Why AlkaVision?

AlkaVision Products

Most of us are aware of the potential dangers of what we eat. Through our diets we absorb chemicals that which designed to preserve foods actually can damage our insides. Alkalizing is a process of increasing the PH balance of extracellular and intracellular fluids in your body. The benefits of alkalizing helps your body work in the healthiest way possible. One of the major complaints of people throughout the world has to be acid. Acid builds up in the body to the point where people develop some serious acidity issues. Alkalvision stands behind it’s product Plasma PH drops which are designed to eliminate the acidity in the body through alkalizing. High acidity or ‘Acidosis’ occurs when there…

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New Research Reveals Six Dietary Guidelines for Cancer Prevention


A new study offers some dietary guidelines for cancer prevention that will be quite familiar to those who follow the alkaline diet. According to Dr. Neal Barnard—the author of the study, president of the nonprofit Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, and associate professor of medicine at George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences–“Plant-based foods provide an antioxidant boost and help promote a healthy weight, reducing the risk for all types of cancer in the long run.” Here are the six dietary guidelines for cancer prevention{1} offered by the study, along with associated findings from the Physician’s Committee for Responsible Medicine: 1. Limit or avoid dairy products. – “Consuming thirty-five grams of dairy protein each day,…

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Millie Mackintosh Reveals Her Metabolism Boosting Secret…

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If there is one thing reality TV star Millie Mackintosh is known for, it is her amazingly fit body. It’s clear that exercise is a regular part of her routine… but is there a diet secret that the rest of us can learn from? Maybe so. According to sources, Millie is a fan of the alkaline diet. As such, she avoids sugar and junk foods and tends to eat organic healthy foods, including “green drinks”. She also adds coconut to her blueberry breakfast omelet, which adds a healthy dose of manganese to the dish. Manganese, in turn, aids in the metabolism of fats and proteins. It also supports the immune and nervous systems, and aides in the…

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The acid test: does your diet pass?


We talk a lot about diet needs here on the AlkaVision blog. Today I thought we’d condense some information into a simple worksheet that you can do at home. Here’s a quick checklist to see if your diet passes the acid test. Instructions: Write the number of times you eat each of the foods below in a given week. Total up the numbers for each category, then compare the totals for ACIDIC foods versus ALKALINE foods. ACIDIC FOODS INVENTORY ____ Meats (Red Meat, Fish/Seafood, Pork, Chicken, Lamb, other meats) ____ Dairy products ____ Foods containing refined flours and sugars (white breads, cookies, etc.) ____ Canned foods ____ Acidic drinks: coffee, alcohol, sodas/pop ____ Peanuts ____ Processed oils…

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Three Alkalizing Ingredients You Should Know About

There are three ingredients in AlkaVision GreenShield that are especially important for optimum health. Here they are, along with information on WHY they are so important… 1. Organic Barley Grass. Organic barley grass is a truly amazing ingredient with a long list of benefits that are supported by scientific research. Barley grass increases the levels of “good bacteria” in your digestive system. It lowers cholesterol. It also, according to some studies, shows promise in its ability to inhibit the growth and reproduction of cancer cells. Add to those things traits like antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and fibromyalgia relief, and you have an extremely powerful ingredient that deserves some real attention. 2. Organic Wheat Grass. Organic wheat grass has showed…

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Alkaline Water and your Body

Our body is mostly made up of water. Therefore, it is important that we drink a certain amount of water each day to keep the body functioning properly. Not drinking enough water each day can effect the body in negative ways. The water in our body is mostly alkaline water with a pH value of about seven or higher. Alkaline water is looked at by health specialist as a boost and healing agent to your health. Your body can loose a great deal of water each day from urine, sweat and breathing making you get dehydrated very quickly. Being dehydrated is not good for your health and can leave you feeling tired and less energetic then you…

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Alkalizing for your Health and Wellness

When you are alkalizing your body, you are fighting off certain illnesses and slowing down the aging process. Alkalizing means maintaining the body’s pH balance so that the body’s functions can perform at their highest. This can be done by changing our food intake to include more alkalizing foods. Alkalizing foods are burnt by our bodies to release energy. This can also be referred to as digestion. Some foods are not alkalizing in nature but can still have an alkalizing effect on the body. Certain citrus fruits that seem acidic are alkalizing foods. So when thinking about the nature of certain foods they may turn out to have a different effect on the body. You can alkalize…

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Alkaline Water: The Secret to Long Life

It is a land so enchanting, it’s hard to believe it’s real. It is a land where both men and women live to be 120. It is a land where there are absolutely no ailments or disease. It is a land where all of the residents have achieved perfect health. It is the Hunza. Located in the mountains of Pakistan, the country of Hunza can almost be considered a heaven on earth. But to its residents, nothing seems unusual. They just go about their business working the land… even if they are over 100 years old! For years scientists have wondered what made the Hunza people so different from everyone else. But aside from increased physical activity,…

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Alkaline Food: What Should be Served for Breakfast

What type of food is normally served on the American kitchen table during breakfast time? For meat, people usually consume eggs, sausage, bacon or ham. For carbs, people eat pancakes, cereal, pastries, muffins or toast. None of these options are the healthiest choice, even if they happen to be low in calories. Why is this so? It’s because they lack alkaline compounds, which are essential for maintaining a healthy ph level. In fact, since many of these foods are high in fat, they could actually make a person’s ph level worse, (since digesting fat releases a lot of harmful acids). So, instead of going for these more acidic foods, you should opt for alkaline food. With alkaline…

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